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From the colours and magic of Kathmandu's markets to the serenity of Himalayan trails, this 10-day adventure offers an intriguing blend of well-paced excursions. The rugged foothills of the Annapurna Range will reward those willing to break a sweat with stunning views of mountain vistas. Experience Nepal from a different perspective as you explore Chitwan National Park on a 4x4 safari. With many included activities and options for more, like a soak in the restorative waters of a natural hot spring, you'll come away with a full and real appreciation of this fascinating land.


Whats Included

  • G Adventures for Good: Sisterhood of Survivors Project, Kathmandu G Adventures for Good: Barauli Community Homestay, Royal Chitwan National Park. Kathmandu walking tour. Bhaktapur guided tour. Annapurna trekking (3 days). Chitwan National Park 4x4 safari. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.
  • 1 lunch
  • Hotels (7 nts), teahouse lodges (2 nts).
  • Private bus, 4x4, trekking.
  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, local guides.
  • 15

Countries Visited

  • Nepal

Explore the sights in old Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, search for tigers in Chitwan National Park, trek the foothills of the Annapurna Range, marvel at the mountain landscapes

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Days : 10

Price : From AED 4,806*
*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights

Trip Style : Classic

Trip Type : Individuals

Physical Grading : 4 - Demanding

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2018-04-01 - 2018-04-10
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2018-03-18 - 2018-03-27
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2018-03-11 - 2018-03-20
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Trip Map

Full Itinerary

Day 1 Kathmandu
Day 2 Kathmandu (1L)
Day 3 Kathmandu/Pokhara
Day 4 Pokhara/Ghandruk
Day 5 Ghandruk/Landruk
Day 6 Landruk/Pokhara
Day 7 Pokhara/Royal Chitwan National Park
Day 8 Royal Chitwan National Park
Day 9 Royal Chitwan National Park/Kathmandu
Day 10 Kathmandu

Trip Advice

We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safe keeping of your passport, air tickets, travellers' cheques, cash and other valuable items. Leave your valuable jewellery at home - you won't need it while travelling. Many of the hotels we use have safety deposit boxes which is the most secure way of storing your valuables. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage.

What to Take

What you need to bring depends on the trip you have chosen and the countries or regions you are planning to visit. We suggest that you pack as lightly as possible as your are expected to carry your own luggage. As a rule we try not to have to walk more than 15-20 minutes with your bags which is why we recommend keeping the weight of your bags between 10-15kg/22-30lb. Suitcases are not recommended for G Adventures trips! Most travellers carry a backpack of small to medium size (no XXL ones please!). You will also need a day pack/bag to carry water, cameras and other electronics like ipods and mobile phones. During the trekking portion of your trip, a porter is assigned to every two travellers; your trekking gear will be carried by the porter in a water proof duffel that we will provide. The maximum the porters are allowed to carry is 7.5kg/16.5lb per passenger. Some of your luggage can be left in Pokhara (the hotel may charge a storage fee), but you will need to take all your trekking gear with you. Please note that as you will be sharing the duffel with a fellow trekker from the group during the trek, a lightweight cotton or plastic bag is recommended to keep your gear separate. Important to note: - Please read the 'Checklist' section of this trip notes for additional details of what you need to bring for the trek on this trip. - You will need to bring a comfortable medium sized day pack to carry the things that you will need during the day. This should have a waist strap or (better) a padded waist belt. - The weather is subject to change in high altitude so layered clothing is recommended throughout the year.

About Accommodation

A tea house is the combination of guest house, restaurant, and social hang out. Private rooms are available in most tea houses, except for high altitudes ones where it will be just dormitories. The lodges are fairly basic. The rooms are sparse with twin beds and very little additional furniture. Blankets are generally provided. Most bathrooms are shared and toilets can be either squat type or western style. Most tea houses have running water. The majority of tea houses only have cold showers, a few may have hot water available at an additional cost. However, we discourage our groups from using water heated by wood, as lack of firewood in villages is a big environmental concern in Nepal. There is a large dining room-cum-lounge, warmed by the bukhara stove (an iron cylinder, fitted with a chimney duct, in which a log fire is lighted). There is normally no electric lighting in the rooms unless the village has hydroelectric power. The dining room usually has solar lighting. Some tea houses now also have electricity for charging small appliances - mobile phones and cameras - and there may be a small charge for this. During a tea house trek you will usually have breakfast and dinner at the tea house, lunch will be eaten at one of the trail side restaurants. Every tea house serves the traditional Nepali meal Dal Bhat (rice and lentils), as well as a variety of different food items, such as rice, vegetables, noodles, potatoes and soup. Some have Nepali versions of western food such as pizza, pasta and french fries. Soft drinks, snacks and beer are available in most of the tea houses and trail side restaurants. And, of course, Nepali milk tea is served everywhere. All tea houses have boiled water for trekkers. We discourage the purchase of bottled water while on the trail. The plastic bottles are difficult to dispose off and have become an environmental problem.

Local Dress

In Asia the dress standard is more conservative than it is back home. When packing try to pick loose, lightweight, long clothing that will keep you cool in the usually hot and humid climate of Asian summers. In predominately Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim countries we ask that you dress respectfully and avoid very short shorts/skirts and singlets/tanktops when visiting temples or mosques or other holy sites.


Eating is a big part of traveling. Travelling with G Adventures you experience the vast array of wonderful food that is available out in the world. Generally meals are not included in the trip price when there is a choice of eating options, to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where, what and with whom to eat. It also gives you more budgeting flexibility, though generally food is cheap. Our groups tend to eat together to enable you to taste a larger variety of dishes and enjoy each other's company. There is no obligation to do this though. Your CEO will be able to suggest favourite restaurants during your trip. Included breakfasts will usually be asian style consisting of noodles or congee (rice porridge) or bread and eggs. Vegetarians will be able to find a range of different foods, although in some areas the choice maybe limited. While trekking in remote regions food is included, plentiful and made of fresh local ingredients. For all trips please refer to the meals included and budget information for included meals and meal budgets.

Group Leader Description

All G Adventures group trips are accompanied by one of our Chief Experience Officers (CEO). The aim of the CEO is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. They will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the countries visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We also use local guides where we think more specific knowledge will add to the enjoyment of the places we are visiting - we think it's the best of both worlds.

Check List

Available for Rent: • Sleeping bag (100 - 200 NPR per day) Cold Weather: • Long-sleeved shirts or sweater • Scarf • Warm gloves • Warm hat • Warm layers Conservative Dress: • Modest clothing that covers knees and shoulders (Long pants, long skirts, shirts that cover shoulders) • Shawl or scarf (for temple visits) Documents: • Flight info (required) (Printouts of e-tickets may be required at the border) • Insurance info (required) (With photocopies) • Passport (required) (With photocopies) • Required visas or vaccination certificates (required) (With photocopies) • Vouchers and pre-departure information (required) Essentials: • Binoculars (optional) • Camera (With extra memory cards and batteries) • Cash, credit and debit cards • Day pack (Used for daily excursions or short overnights) • Ear plugs • First-aid kit (should contain lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen, whistle, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, bandaids/plasters, tape, anti-histamines, antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, rehydration powder, water purification tablets or drops, insect repellent, sewing kit, extra prescription drugs you may be taking) • Flashlight/torch (Headlamps are ideal) • Fleece top/sweater • Footwear • Hat • Locks for bags • Long pants/jeans • Moneybelt • Outlet adapter • Personal entertainment (Reading and writing materials, cards, music player, etc.) • Reusable water bottle • Shirts/t-shirts • Sleepwear • Small travel towel • Sunglasses • Toiletries (Preferably biodegradable) • Watch and alarm clock • Waterproof backpack cover • Windproof rain jacket High Altitude Trekking: • Down jacket (Recommended for winter season) • Hiking boots (Worn frequently prior to departure) • Pack liners to waterproof bags • Reusable water bottler - minimum 1 litre (Aluminium or Nalgene polypropylene are best) • Sandals (For wearing around camp in the evenings) • Sleeping bag and liner, 4 season • Spare boot laces • Thermal base layer • Waterproof gloves • Whistle • Windproof rain gear • Wool socks Warm Weather: • Sandals/flip-flops • Shorts/skirts (Longer shorts/skirts are recommended) • Sun hat/bandana • Swimwear Note: The best clothing for trekking is either wool or synthetic materials in layers, as this is quick-drying and can keep heat in better. We suggest a base-layer, then a mid-layer such as a light fleece jacket or similar, then a windproof and waterproof layer.

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*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights
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