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Travel Solo Not Alone 1.2The famous American writer, Henry David Thoreau once said “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.”

Often we travel with family members, friends or partners but if you’re tired of waiting for the other people in your life to get ready and are eager to explore new destinations, a trip with a small group of similar minded people could be just the ticket. It allows you the freedom to be independent and explore the things that interest you but also gives you peace of mind and security.

Here’s why we recommend solo but not alone travel

No hassle planning

Sometimes the amount of planning involved in a new adventure can seem daunting and off putting. With a small group adventure your travel leader takes care of all of the mundane tasks leaving you free to simply enjoy the experience

New Friends

When travelling solo more often than not you’ll find yourself surround by like minded individuals, all of who are eager to make friends and enjoy the experience with someone who’s enjoying the experience as much as they are. Making friends with people you might not normally associate with can open your eyes to a whole new world of adventure that you might not have even thought possible

Safety & Security

If you’re worried about safety when travelling completely alone, travelling solo in a small group is definitely the answer. As a female travelling alone security can sometimes be a big worry. Travelling in a group with an experienced group leader can alleviate these concerns and mean you can get on with the business of enjoying youself


You’ll still have the freedom to plan what you want to see everyday. Small groups can accommodate the needs and desires of all members so you’re not tied to one itinerary and forced to trudge round markets if you’re a museums kind of person and vice versa, if you want to shop, you don’t have to stand for hours looking at paintings in an art gallery.

All ages welcome

Solo group travel isn’t just for older or younger people. All ages sign up for this kind of adventure which means you’re almost certain to find someone you can connect with. It also means you’ll meet a real mix of people, from different backgrounds with many stories to share.


All the group leaders on our solo travel trips have a vast amount of travel experience and local knowledge. You can relax on your tour knowing they’ll show you the best sights, the hidden gems and the not to be missed destinations wherever your travel takes you

Those who have taken solo trips nearly always say it was one of the best things they’ve ever done. So what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world out there, go and explore!

Some of our most popular solo trips are Cuba Colonial, Angkor Trails (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand), Highlights of Northern India, Tanzania Camping Adventure and Nepal Adventure. There are hundreds more to choose from if you’re after something different, click here to view all of our amazing adventures.

Travel Solo Not Alone 1.0

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  1. Shadaab
    August 17, 06:05 Shadaab

    Agree 100% have been on 2 Solo trips now, amazing journey and many memories.#IloveAdventure

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